Mag-Spark from Warren Custom Outdoor Products

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Mag-Spark is a modern re-invention of an 1860's nipple that used shotgun primers. Even in the 1860's at the end of the muzzleloading era, an inventor recognized the advantage of a shotgun primer conversion nipple. Mag-Sparks makes a very strong 209 shotgun primer conversion nipple that fits sidelock traditional muzzleloaders. Mag-Sparks are made of tough stainless steel and come in several nipple thread sizes that fit all sidelocks, American or foreign made. They provide instant ignition with the added advantage of a cleaner combustion chamber between shots.

I use them on all my custom sidelocks. When you have the shot of a lifetime lined up with your gun sights, you want a gun that will deliver and not fail. My son had that shot this fall and his gun delivered. He got a 9x6 non-typical whitetail Buck that should have been a 9x8, but fighting broke 2 points off his rack.

Mag-Spark takes the possibility of a miss fire out of the picture, and yes they are traditional. Again, a nipple like it was first made in the 1860's and now Mag-Sparks gives that nipple back to you.

Paul Almashy of Warren Custom Outdoor Products (in Warren, Ohio) will help you decide if this product is right for you. If it is, he will go out of his way to be sure you are a satisfied customer.

Here is a picture of my son Matthew and the 9x6 Buck he shot.
Roger's son and his buck